Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Updates from Flørli Kafe and hostel!

So we're nearly half way through the Flørli season of July and August and have been busy. Thanks to all those who have made their way here, some from far afield and many from Lysefjorden and the wider area.

The facebook page has received a lot of attention, which is great as we benefit from that exposure and word of mouth being pretty much in the middle of nowhere, although saying we're in nowhere doesn't do Lysefjorden justice. It has been a beautiful summer and we've had lots of people hiking the steps and locals on boats enjoying the heat and sunshine. I'm writing this on a very wet day, but the weather can change quickly and it might be fantastic sunshine again later.

Speketallerken (Cured meat platter)
We've had to adjust the menu a little as we've learnt about what things work best. The fish soup has been taken off the menu for now, but we still have the Idsøe sausages and now serve the traditional Norwegian dishes Speketallerken, Lapskaus and Ertersuppe. All are subject to availability as it's hard to predict demand and we're a long way from anywhere when we run out. We continue to try and serve local food and drink and have introduced a new carrot cake from Jørpeland.

So we hope to see more of you in the days to come...and please spread the word about the hostel as we have plenty of spare beds!

Showing the hostel buildings nestled in the trees

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