Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Preparation and our first guests

After a few days prep we are now getting in the swing of things. Yesterday we had a group of important guests involved in the development of Lysefjorden, more widely Rogaland and others involved involved in tourism for Norway generally. There was a tasty meal prepared by the chef at Lilland Hotell and the guests sat outside the power station.

Getting things ready

Our first guests
In the afternoon, three of us did a 'team building' exercise, up the 4444 steps and it was quite hard work (as I remembered from the last time), very steep on occasion,  but always rewarding with stunning views.
We actually had our first guests yesterday surrounded by boxes,  and today we opened with a much tidier kafé.
The start of the steps
A bit of the view half the way up. Nice to take a breather.
At the top. Still smiling, always a good sign.
The weather today has been one of those 4 seasons in one day experiences. We have had glorious sunshine,  downpours of rain, more sunshine (people asking for ice cream), wind, several thunderstorms and hail. The thunder was the loudest I have ever heard amplified by the mountains and the great hall of the old power station.

My only regret for the day is I didn't take my drying clothes in a little earlier.

Thunder, rain, wind and sunshine
New waterfalls on the mountain opposite
Full circle. My last picture today, you'd never believe all the weather ever happened!

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